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Food advice for Travelers

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Food advice for Travelers

Useful tips and food advice for travelers in Guatemala

When you visit Guatemala there is no need or requirements for special vaccinations and all you need is to take some normal precaution when you drink and eat during your visit to our country. Many tourist tend to get parasites and this can be taken care by purchasing anti parasites medicine in any pharmacy, it may be harder to find in more rural areas so being ready with a few pills cant do any harm. Other then this enjoy some local dishes and to keep to restaurants and hotels when you consume food products

-Tap water
Do not drink tap water anywhere in Guatemala

-Purified water
Make sure your battles are sealed when you purchase

-Food from street vendors
Avoid at all times no matter how tempting this can be

Avoid ice cubes or ask if it is made with purified water

-Local restaurants
Before you seat take a look around and be sure its a clean place

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